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How to Fix an Offline Printer

Having access to a printer is quite important for any person looking to get any important document scanned or printed. This holds true whether they are at an office, in their home or any other important place. Having the printer offline is the last thing anyone would want to happen in this situation, since they could very well be in the middle of an important session. For instance, an office worker attempting to print out an important report for his or her client isn’t being able print anything, and their computer says printer is offline.

This problem can strike at any point, and due to varying reasons. It could be due to a connectivity issue, the printer not receiving power, some driver issue with the computer, etc. Normally, there are certain steps people can take when they want to not have their Canon printer offline. If these don’t work, then they can always go for printer offline support service from a reliable customer support center.

How Can Any Person Fix their Printer Offline and Make it Work Again?

  • One of the most basic steps that a person can take is to simply reboot their printer. The reason why their brother printer keeps going offline could be due to an issue that’s conflicting. This can get resolved by turning off the printer for up to 2 minutes and then booting it up again.



  • If the printer continues to be offline, then perhaps it could be due to a connectivity issue. If the printer operates using network connectivity, then that’s the first thing to check and fix. If it’s a wired printer, then checking and readjusting the wired could fix any problem of Dell printer offline.



  • In case of a printer offline windows 10, the problem might be caused by a lack of user rights to the software and the printer. For this, one would need to log in to their account on their system, and give themselves ‘Manage Printers’ rights on that system.



  • Due to some unforeseen update or problem, the printer might have defaulted to an offline state on a computer system. To solve this, the user must open up their printer’s properties from the task bar. After clicking on ‘Use Printer Offline’, their printer will come online again and they would be able to use it again, just like before.



  • Another step is to access the window’s devices and printers section in their system. Here, they can rollback their printer’s drivers and delete them for a fresh install. After that, all that’s left is to go the printer’s website and downloading the latest drivers for the printer, and install them. This way, if their brother printer keeps going offline, at least they would know that it’s not due to the drivers, but probably something else which they can’t really find and fix.



If anyone is still not able to get their offline printer up and running again after trying these methods, then they can always go for printer offline support. Whether it is their dell printer offline or Lexmark printer offline, a good and reliable support team will easily solve their problems and have them carry on with their tasks smoothly again, just like before.


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