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How to Resolve Dell Printer Offline to online on Mac?

With the nation moving towards a digitally smarter world, computers and printers have become a necessity for everyone from individuals, businesses, to others. They need a multi-functional unit to run processes with ease and carry out tasks. And although soft copies of documents work at some places, there is still a need for hard copies of important documents, assignments, images, and other doc files.

But what if the printer starts having some issues? Or it doesn’t get connected to the system at all? What if the computer says ‘printer is offline’ despite being connected?! After all, electronic devices are prone to getting technical glitches causing disturbances in the flow of tasks for the users!

Printer Offline Errors on Mac

At times, what users experience, is that the printer shows offline on Mac despite the printer being available on the network and physically linked to Mac. In such cases, there can be n number of troubleshooting steps to identify the actual cause of the issues with Printer offline.

Reasons Why Users Face Printer Offline Issues Are:

1-Old Printer Drivers that may not be compatible with the latest versions of iOS
2-Multiple documents sent to the printer at one time slows the processes
3-Connectivity issues with the printer and Mac.
4-Paper Jam or Missing Paper
5-Loose cables causing connection failures.
6-Multiple commands at one go.

But are these the same reasons for my Dell Printer to appear Offline on Mac?

Maybe, maybe not! There can be countless reasons for the user to see “dell printer offline” message on the computer screen. It could range from the system software being updated, or the printer may require firmware updates, or updates required for the printer driver, etc.

What Causes the Communication Error between the Dell Printer and Mac?

Communication, or rather, miscommunication between the computer, the router and printer is what results in Dell printer offline issues resulting in a change in the IP address. There can be 3 possibilities or causes for communication error between the Dell Printers and Mac, or a combination of them all:

1-Missing Network Information in the Printer Settings or Incorrect IP Address

2-The Computer system shuts the wireless adaptor for conserving power; and

3-The Antivirus Software / Firewall is resulting in communication troubles.

Troubleshooting Sequence to Resolve Dell Printer OfflineError

There is a basic sequence for troubleshooting offline errors with the Dell Printer which includes:

  1. Check for Cable Connections Connecting the Printer and the System / Router

The first and foremost thing user must ensure is that all cables have been plugged into both the devices correctly. There are no loose or faulty cables used to connect the two devices. Also, the user must check if the Dell printer is powered on or not.

  1. Check for any Paper Jams

Next, the user must check if the papers have been aligned properly for the printer to function. The user must ensure that the printer tray has no paper jams and that there are enough papers in the printer. Empty cartridges must be replaced by new ones.

If the computer continues to show the ‘printer is offline’ message, try re-installing the printer drivers, if re-establishing connection doesn’t work. Else, the user can always approach the Printer offline support team in case the problem still persists.

Also, tell us your experiences and queries in the comments section below! We shall love to help you!

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