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How to Resolve Toshiba Printer Offline Error?

Technical problems are common in electronic machines. Though there are several hacks to overcome these technical errors, these often leave the user in a fix. Talk about computers, mobile devices, or other hardware components such as hard disks, pen drives, RAM, and more specifically, printers. Users are most likely to experience technical issues when using such devices.

Printers are one of the most commonly used electronic devices used to print important documents, images, and other texts on paper. These have to be paired with a device to give the print command for the document. And although a print command is all you need to get a document printed, the actual problem arrives when the computer says printer is offline.

When the windows is not able to communicate with the printer, it is because windows has identified the printer as offline. This could be due to several reasons having varying root causes, including:


Wireless Printer Offline

Many users complain that the computer says printer is offline for their wireless printers. This problem is very common with devices having Windows 10 installed in them.


Printer Not Identified

At times, the computer is not able to recognize the printer at all. Users often face the problem of not able to ping their network printers to their computer systems.


Printer Not Responding

Users encounter a number of technical issues with their printer from connectivity to various others. Among these is the problem that the printer fails to respond to the computer commands. The printer stops working and at times, it may even not show up on the system!


Network Printer Offline

Not just wireless printers, the offline issue arises even with network printers. In such cases, a network printer installed in a Windows device suddenly displays the ‘printer is offline’ message despite being connected to other machines connected to the network. If the user is facing the issue of network printer offline, it could be either due to an issue with the IP address of the device or with the SNMP feature.

And before we proceed with ways to resolve offline error with Toshiba Printers, let us identify a few root causes leading to these technical flaws:

  • The Printer has developed an internal error
  • Multiple commands by the user which are unfinished
  • There are problems with the connection between the computer and the printer
  • There are too many devices connected to the same network making it slow/unresponsive


Here are some fixes to resolve Offline Error in Toshiba Printers:


Reboot the Printer

If you are facing the problem with connecting printer to the computer system, reboot the printer and the router to check if it gets connected. If the problem persists, reboot the computer system as well (which is generally not required). If the printer is near the computer system, you may simply connect the two devices with a USB cable.


Re-Install Printer Drivers

The printer offline error can easily be resolved by reinstalling the printer drivers. For this, the user needs to first remove the printer device from the system and then reinstall the drivers again.


Printer Offline Support

If the user is unable to resolve the issue at his end, he may directly connect to the technical team providing support service to customers. The team will take note of the problem faced by the user, identify the point of origination of the trouble and provide relevant solutions.

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