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Tips on how to fix wireless printer offline?

A printer is essential to every business these days irrespective of it being small, medium or large scale. The importance of printer is not just limited to businesses but also end users like students. Although, this is an era where every document is preferred in a digital form for its utility, the requirement of hard copies hasn’t been fully eliminated.

Printed documents offer tangibility that promotes a sense of action followed by results. Also, unlike the spam advertisements that keep landing up in inboxes, print ads are free of imminent dangers.

Today printers are multi functional and come loaded with a lot of features. These features include printing, scanning, fax, copying, etc. Also, the importance of such multi functional devices become apparent when people realize how many other equipment they are actually able to replace. Rather than scuffling between machines to machines and devices to devices, isn’t it beneficial to have one stand-alone machine that can get all work done?

Also, one can cut cost easily without having to refill or replace cartridges and inks of several machines. Toners last comparatively longer in the multi-utility devices and they do not even consume much space in offices, homes, labs or wherever the installation is planned.

However, businesses come to halt whenever computer says printer is offline! Staff goes haywire buzzing the phones of IT support. Other than contacting the printer offline support, it always beneficial to teach the staff some basic troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting a wireless printer offline:

People are found scratching their heads whenever the question of troubleshooting a wireless printer offline arises. Shared below are the various troubleshooting methods that one can try:

  • Check the Wi-Fi connectivity:

This is one of the first and obvious things to do. Check if the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. Try switching your wireless router on and off. If that doesn’t works access the printer settings and select “forget network”. Connect it from scratch. If the light keeps blinking, it would be searching for the available network and once the printer is able to connect to one, the light on it would remain permanently.

  • Re-start the spooler service:

A software program that is supposed to be managing all print commands that are sent to the printer is termed as the spooler service. Following are the steps to re-start it.

Step 1: Press the ÿ (windows) + R button on the keyboard to access the Run command.

Step 2: Type “services.msc” (without quotes).

Step 3: Press enter.

Step 4: Search for “Print Spooler”.

Step 5: Double click the option in order to open print spooler’s properties.

Step 6: Click on the “Stop” button.

Step 7: Click on “OK” to save changes.

Once you do this remember to delete “Printer Files”. Repeat the process above till step 5 and click on “Start” button. Doing so, you shall be able to fix your wireless printer offline.


  • Update the printer drivers.

Still, computer says printer is offline? Try updating your drivers following the steps below:

Step 1:  Press the ÿ (windows) + R button on the keyboard to access the Run command.

Step 2:  Type “devmgmt.msc” (without quotes) to launch device manager.

Step 3: Locate the sub-menu by the name “Print Queues”.

Step 4: Drop down this menu and right click on your printer hardware.

Step 5: In the new dialogue box that appears, select the option “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Step 6: Re-start PC and your problem should be solved.


If the issue still continues to persist, you may look for more troubleshooting alternatives online or contact the printer offline support team to seek expert troubleshooting advice.

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