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Common error Codes of Canon Printer!

Known for their user-friendly technology and high-quality prints, Canon printers are considered one of the best printers across the globe. Although the interface is highly user-friendly as this is an electronic device, it is bound to have some technical issues. While using it at office or at home, some issues can occur which might ruin the entire experience. However, there are simple ways in which users can rectify all such issues. Also, if there are some complex technical issues, then the users are recommended to seek technical support through canon printer technical support number.

Error Codes in Canon Printers Regarding Cartridges

  1. U162: This error code usually occurs when there are empty cartridges. If this message prompts even after inserting cartridge then follow the following instructions:

On the printer, find the STOP/RESET/RESUME button, press and hold it down.

This will make the printer aware that user is known about the error. After this, the user is allowed to print normally. If the problem still persists, users can dial canon printer technical support number in order to seek help regarding the issue.

    • Error Code 1487 & 1486: These error codes are displayed whenever the ink cartridges are installed in a wrong position. Simply check the cartridges and reinstalling them would resolve the issues. Both these issues can be resolved simply by just running a check and configure the cartridges again. Even reinstalling the cartridges the problem still persists, technical help should be taken. By simply dialing to the canon printer technical support number, proper technical assistance is provided to the users.


These are two problems regarding the cartridges which are observed the most. Some of the problems can be handled on their own by the users while some need professional help. Round the clock assistance of the Printer Offline support helps the users in rectifying all the issues regarding printer.

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