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How to Fix Canon Printer issues easily with Canon Printer Support?

This has been well-established that Canon Printers are one of the best-selling printers all over the world. Although there are many other printers which are available in the market, Canon printers have emerged as one of the most preferred ones because of their user-friendly design. Even when there are sophisticated features added to these but they aren’t at all complex in using which makes their sales elevate. Even though it has high-quality features and develops amazing prints, being an electronic device there still are a number of errors which can cause trouble to the users. And if at any instant of time do the users face any errors regarding Canon printer, they can call on the canon printer customer service and get help.

Below mentioned are 3 most common issues that occur while using Canon printer. If the users are facing any of the listed issues can follow the steps mentioned besides them in order to rectify it.

  • Paper Jamming Issue: This is an error which mostly occurs due to the paper getting stuck in the loading tray. The same error also happens when the paper feeding through the printer goes a bit awry.


What to do?

Although this problem is most common, it is even easier to rectify it. If the paper roll is stuck then the users must remove the papers from the loading tray and then press “resume” button which is present in the front of the printer.

  • Printer Doesn’t Print: the issue with printer not printing properly occurs when the media type and paper size aren’t matching appropriately. In addition to this, the correct print quality is also not selected which is why the printing is improper.



What to do?

The mismatching of settings of media type and paper size can be rectified by correcting the settings and after that, the users are required to confirm it by the printer driver. After doing this, the problem will not persist any longer. However, if there is still a problem regarding the printer not printing properly then the users can call on the canon printer customer service number.


  • No Paper Error: this problem usually occurs when either there aren’t papers loaded in the loading try or are very thick and curled up.


What to do?

If the users see the No Paper error on the printer then it is advised to ensure if the loading tray has papers or not. It should also be checked if the papers are not rolled up or too thick. If all the above things are perfectly fine and still the problem persists then the users must get in touch with the Canon Printer Customer Support team.

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