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How Can We Turn Printer Offline to Online?

Suppose you are working in your office and getting your prints from the printer for some file work and the printer just stops printing. The printer starts to show no sign error and doesn’t print any longer. This is an indication that you have an issue of printer offline. This issue is frequent with mostly all the printers and if the users are having the printer offline issue, then you can immediately call on the customer support for printer offline issues. There are a variety of reasons why such an issue occurs. However, it is quite hard to predict what can be the possible factor behind the printer offline status, there are a number of rectification steps with which the users can appropriately solve the issue.

Listed below are some steps with which you can easily rectify the printer offline issue. The primary check which you need to run on your device is to check if all the connections have been done properly. Follow the given steps to resolve the above-mentioned issue.

  • First of all the things, you need to reboot your system by shutting it off completely and then starting it again.

  • After you have started your computer again, you need to check if the printer is connected to your computer appropriately. Most of the times, improper configuration settings can cause the issue.

  • Log in to your computer with the Administrator rights and then click on the Start button.

  • After this, open Devices and Printers and then right click on the name of the printer which you see there.

  • Select “See what is printing” and then after the Printer Spooler window gets opened, click on the “Printers” Option.

  • When you see the “use Printer Offline” option, select and unmark it. Doing this will make your printer turn to the online mode.

  • Navigate to the web browser and then download latest printer driver.

  • Following the respective screen notifications, you must install the printer driver accordingly.

  • Click Start button again and then select Control Panel.

  • Type troubleshoot. Click on the link for troubleshooting which then appears.

  • Choose “use a printer” from the Hardware and Sound

  • Now, you can follow the on-screen prompts to detect the error and fix it accordingly.

After doing all the above-mentioned steps properly, my printer is offline issue can be rectified easily. If the problem still persists even after doing all the steps properly, then there might be some technical issue underlying it. In such case, users can call on the customer support number for printer offline issues. The teams at customer assistance centers can help the users with appropriate ways and steps with which it is easier for the users to continue their printing experience.

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