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Did You Know These Reasons are putting your HP Printer Offline?

Printer offline

Printers are a remarkable invention in the category of ancillary devices. Since the very inception of printers, there have been constant advancements done in printers. Every once in a while, there are newer and innovative features being added to them making the work easier for people. There are multiple companies manufacturing printers and one of the leading printer company is HP. Performance of HP printer is exceptionally well and this is one of the reasons why it is one of the largest selling printer brand.

However, sometimes there are issues with printers which can affect the smoothness of a seamless printing experience. If you have an HP printer and if there are some issues related to it, then you must contact customer support for HP printer. If your printer is offline issue recurs, there might be some loopholes which you might be overlooking. Given below are some ways with which you can possibly turn your HP printer offline to online.

For the printer to work in the online mode, you require a stable network connection. In most of the cases, hard-lined Ethernet connection is done to the internet. There are some printers which are even having a WI-FI connection. Setting a printer for a single computer is usually simple but connecting it with a secure and encrypted network requires considerable work when it is about bringing the printer online.

Network Configuration

  1. WI-FI Network: The very first thing which you need to do if the HP printer offline issue occurs with you is to connect your printer with the same WI-FI network as of your computer. If you do not connect the printer and computer to the same wireless networks then the print task you’ve been working on will not get printed or it will get printed through any other printer.

  2. Connection with Ethernet: An Ethernet connection is quite similar to the WI-FI network. In order to connect your printer with the Ethernet, all you need to do is to simply plug the hard-lined cord in the internet port. After this, the HP printer offline issue is going to get solved.

Check If the Printer is Installed or not?

If you have brought a printer online and it isn’t working accordingly, then you might need to install printer driver on your system for it in order to communicate and perform. If you have an HP printer and no matter how many times you configure it properly, it might always go back to the HP printer offline stage, then you need to install the printer. It might be the case that the configurations are properly done but the real issue is with the printer installation. Go to the settings, and the select the Printers and Scanners option and then choose Add device. From here, you can install the printer and then ensure that it works appropriately.

Even after doing this, if the HP printer offline doesn’t change into online, then you can contact customer support for HP printer. There might be some technical glitch with the printer itself which might not get resolved by simple troubleshooting methods.

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