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Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve HP Printer Offline Status

The printer offline error usually troubles the Windows 7, 8 and 10 users. Most of the printers lose connectivity even when they are connected properly and are operating. Printer says offline message displays on the computer and the printer doesn’t print. Offline status of the printer is a clear indication that the device is unable to communicate with the computer. In some of the networks, the printer gets offline unexpectedly. There are a number of rectification steps which can be helpful in resolving the printer offline errors.

But it is essential to know the causes and possible reasons for the errors before going towards the solution of the error. There are many reasons why this issue can occur with the printer. Here, in this blog, we will look at all the possible reasons why this issue is occurring, following which will be the rectification steps through which the HP printer offline status can be changed to online status.

One of the many reasons why your HP printer is showing HP printer offline message is because the connection between the computer and printer might have been unresponsive. In many of the cases, when the printer goes offline, the main cause is the communication breakage between a computer and the printer. Another reason why there is Printer offline error is that the printer might have encountered some internal error which is hampering its performance. In some cases, there are some internal issues within the printer that can cause some issues with the printing of the printer, one of which is HP printer offline error. Another reason why the printer shows HP printer offline message is because the printer might be having multiple prints in the queue. Some of the earlier prints might be causing issues with the printer which is why it goes in the offline mode recurrently.


  • Type Services in Windows searches and then hit enter key. Click on Services from the results. This will open a new window for Services and then Scroll down to the entry Printer Spooler

  • Now, right-click on the option Printer Spooler and then select Properties

  • Set the Startup Type as Automatic

  • After this, Start button and wait until windows start Printer Spooler. After this, press Apply button.

  • Check the Printer Spooler status and then see if it has started.

After you perform the above mentioned steps properly, chances are that the issue will get rectified. HP Printer offline status will now get changed into online and the issue with printer will get resolved. If the users are unable to find a solution to this, then they can follow our next blog to do the troubleshooting. If the problem still persists, then you can call on the customer support number to get the required assistance.


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