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Canon Printer Is Offline? Get Instant Canon Printer Offline Support

Canon is one of the major brands when it comes to IT devices. Canon printers are one of the best and hardly require any technical servicing. Canon printer offline, however, is a very recurrent problem. It might not have to do with any technical or hardware faults. Sometimes the issues are very basic such lose wiring or poor USB connection.

The users can now get the entire Canon printer support just by dialing the Canon printer support phone number.

If your Canon printer is offline, follow the given steps and try to make it come back online.

Click on the start menu and choose the ‘Printers and Faxes’ option. This will show you the printers connected to your computer. Choose the Canon printer which you want it to be online. This will open up the Pop-Up window and choose the option of ‘Use printer offline’. This should fix the Canon printer offline issue.

Canon Printer is Offline

If this is not working, you can get the Canon printer support at the Printer offline Org facilely. The support team will help you to get the best possible solution within the matter of few minutes. The whole process is very easy and customer friendly.

If your Canon Printer showing offline, seek the essential support immediately.


Canon Printers are one of the best printer brands in the demesne of IT services. Canon printers have a good built, light infrastructure, and advanced hardware to provide a superior printing experience. At times your printer can cause certain problems. The Canon printer offline is one of the main issues that can occur with your printer. It bothers most of the users. If you think your Canon printer is offline then you can follow certain steps to bring it back online.

1) Restart the System: One of the reasons Canon printer says offline is because of the disconnection between the router and the computer. Restarting the system can fix the internet connection issue and bring the printer back online.

1)2) Set the Canon Printer as the Default: if the Canon printer is not set as a default printer then the issue of canon printer offline can occur. You can go to the settings and change the printer and devices settings to set it as a default.

If you are not able to sort out the issue then you can seek an instant Canon printer support by dialing the contact number for the support team. The support team is very responsive to the complaints of the customers. They help the users to fix the issue. They also help to fix hardware faults, if there is any.

Why My Canon Printer is Showing Offline?

Canon printers are one of the most popular printer brands in the world. The Canon printers are known for the smooth functioning and relentless printing. Sometimes, however, your Canon printer says offline which means it gets disconnected to the system and stops printing. There are few common reasons why this happens.

If your Canon printer is offline you can check up on these causes and take corrective measures accordingly.


The main causes of Canon printer offline issue are:

1) Improper Paper feeding: The jammed printers are one of the main reasons why the Canon Printer goes offline. You need to make sure that the papers are fed into the printer properly. Most of the printers come with a light interior to avoid this problem. The other printers have a user manual that instructs the users to unload the jammed papers and fix this problem.

2) USB: The poor connectivity between USB and the system can cause the Canon Printer Offline problem. The loose wiring or USB being dysfunctional can make the Canon printer go offline. Try to fix the USB connectivity issue by unplugging it. Plug it back in and reboot the system. The rebooting removes minor glitches and fixes the issue.

Seek the Canon printer support and fix the printer offline issue.

How to fix Canon Printer Offline?

Users while trying to take out a critical printout face the “Canon Printer is offline” error. Canon printer offline is one of the most generally occurring bugs to be encountered by the users of Canon printers. This sort of error interrupts or stops the printing of documents and often leave people clueless about the steps that are to be taken to resolve the captioned issue.

Canon printer can go offline owing to multiple reasons varying from connectivity related issues to situations where it is powered down. However, like the various causes, there are multiple troubleshooting processes following which a Canon Printer can be set online from offline.

So those looking for solutions regarding “Canon Printer offline how to fix” can follow the troubleshooting tips shared as follows:

When a computer devices fails to communicate with a Canon printer, users see an error message “Printer offline Canon”. This can further be led due to varying reasons:

1) Issues with USB Connection

The USB might not be connected appropriately. A majority of the times the cable might be plugged improperly inside the computer or the printer.

How to troubleshoot: The cable should be reset properly in order to ensure that a proper connectivity has been established. The USB should be disconnected first and then plugged in once again.

2) Issues with the LAN connection

Improper of no connectivity between computer and the wireless router is one amongst the most probable reasons because of which a Canon printer offline error may occur. Similarly, there might occur a break off between a Wi – fi printer and router. Additionally, if the Canon printer chooses a wrong access point in place of the desired one, the Canon printer is offline error may happen.

How to troubleshoot: In such cases, both the printer and the routers should be switched off for a couple of seconds. Subsequently, both of them shall be switched on and a connectivity should be re – established. In situations where a wrong access point gets chosen, the correct one should be selected manually.

3) Issues with Configuration

In few cases, the Canon printer might not be connected to the intended port. This issue can be rectified by verifying the configuration of the system. All the connections should be proper.

4) Issues with Default Settings

The printer through which the print command is being given might not be set as the default printer. This can be corrected by accessing the Printers Folder and setting the intended Canon Printer as the default one.

Does your Canon Printer Keep Going Offline? Here’s how to fix it

Canon is one of the leading brand names when IT devices are being discussed. Canon printers are widely preferred owing to their exemplary quality along with the minimal numbers of technical servicing that they demand. However, one of the recurrent problems that users face is when their Canon printer keeps going offline. It is not mandatory that the error might occur due to faults that are technical or hardware related. At times the reasons behind this error might be very basis like a loose wire of USB connection.

However, it very convenient to rectify the problem where the Canon printer keeps saying offline. The users can avail technical support for Canon printers by dialing the Canon printer customer support contact number. The support reps available on the Canon helpline number will troubleshoot the “My Canon Printer is Offline” error. These numbers can easily be Google from online sources and are accessible 24X7. Services are available on majority destinations world – wide and the number is accessible from a number of telephone operator services. Alternatively, a variety of knowledge base articles are available online which can be referred for troubleshooting the “My Canon printer says its offline” error.

Those looking for instant troubleshooting methods can follow the method shared below:

At the outset, access the Start menu and select “Printer and Faxes”. This will display a list of all the printers that are currently connected with the computer. The printer that the user intends to set online should be selected next. This shall display a window and the box adjoining “Use Printer Offline” should be unticked. This will set the printer online and thus solve the “My Canon Printer is offline” error.

Alternatively, it is possible for users to avail support on the Printer offline org facility. The technical support team assists users with the most suitable solutions within a couple of minutes. The entire process is very convenient and the customers can follow the troubleshooting experience quite conveniently. It is important for customers to report the issues occurring with their Canon printers besides error such as “My Canon Printers is on but is says offline”. Reporting them immediately enables the support executives to deal with the glitches more effectively.

How to Change Canon Printer Offline to Online?

Whenever a canon printer showing offline error occurs, the device will cease to print documents/ a printing job may stop midway. There a quite a few ways to deal with the situation which cause the users to Google help regarding “my canon printer is offline”.

The foremost and the most convenient one out of all is to get in touch with an outsourcing technical support service. The customer support reps available on these technical helpline numbers will offer appropriate resolutions to the printer are offline canon error. These helpline numbers can very conveniently be searched online and can be contacted 24 hours in a day.

On the contrary, users may try performing the steps below to change the status of canon printer offline to online:

Step1: Access the Start menu. Subsequently, access Control Panel followed by the “Devices and Printers” option. A list of printing devices that are currently set up with the computer device will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Double-click on the desired printer name whose status is to be changed from offline to online. Printer status will be set to Printer: Ready / Printer: offline.

Step 3: Clicking on the option Printer: offline will lead to a display of the Printer Menu on screen. In the menu bar, access “Printer” option. The box adjoining the option “Use Printer Offline” has to be unchecked. Once this is done, the status of the Canon printer offline will be modified to online

How to Fix Canon Printer Offline Wireless for Mac?

There is no cause of worrying when a Canon Printer offline Mac error occurs as it is one of the most common issues that users of Mac face on frequent interims. Following the step mentioned below users can perform a Canon printer offline fix for Mac:

One of the methods to fix the Canon printer offline Mac error is by resetting and reconnecting the printer. It can be done by performing the steps mentioned as follows:

Step 1: Disconnect the printer from Mac by unplugging the cable. Switch off the Canon Printer for about a minute.

Step 2: Reboot Macbook.

Step 3: Switch the Canon printer on and plug the cable to Mac once again for establishing a connection.

Step 4: Check if the printer of the status has now changed to online.

In case the above method does not work, users can go ahead and get in touch with Mac support or Canon Printer support helpline numbers to resolve the Canon printer offline wireless issue.

What Is Canon Printer Offline Error?

Canon Printers are one of the most used printers around the globe. They are used in the USA, UK, Germany, Russia, China, and India like bigger nations. They are suitable for both personal used and business. Canon Printer users encounter a couple of issues on a daily basis. One of the issues they have to face on a daily basis is ”Canon Printer offline” status error. It happens when your computer and Printer are not connected by the Wi-Fi. There can be more than one reasons behind the Canon Printer Offline error. Without troubleshooting your device, you won’t be able to get rid of the problem. You should troubleshoot your device to identify the cause of the issue and avail technical assistance to fix the problem.

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