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How to Easily Fix Your Printer if it’s Status is Offline in Windows 10?

Imagine yourself preparing to take some print outs of your work, some application or report. You click on ‘Print’ after saving your work and receive a notification stating “Printer Offline”. You are now stuck with your work while you have to figure out a way to turn your printer online and get it running once again. Having your printer offline can mess up your work schedule, if you had something important to scan and print, or send as a hard copy for any important work of yours.

If you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or 7, then encountering a printer offline Windows 10 isn’t something that’s new, and many face it from time to time. You just need to know how to deal with such an issue so that you lose as less time as possible and get back to doing anything important you were earlier engaged with. If you aren’t able to bring your printer online again, you can always count on a printer offline support team to get it fixed for you instead.


Here’s how you can fix your Printer if it is showing up as ‘Printer Offline’ in Windows 10:


1-Printer Connectivity Status:

Your Lexmark Printer Offline could be a result of it having connectivity issues with your computer system. This could mean that the Printer is not actually connected to the system and in a sense, it actually is offline. As such, you must first ensure that your Printer is receiving power and restart it for any glitches. After that, ensure that your Printer is connected to the computer, properly, whether by a USB cable or through a wired/wireless network.

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2-Check the Printer’s Pairing in Windows 10:

Often what can cause a problem when your computer says printer is offline, is that your printer might not be correctly paired or recognized in the system. For this, you can open up windows 10 settings, and navigate to devices and then to devices and printers. Here, if you have properly connected your printer to the system, you will see your Canon printer offline. Just right click on it and click ‘set as default printer’.


3- Other Methods of Repairing your Printer:

Apart from this, you can try restarting the print spooler service from windows 10 services which will refresh the system’s connectivity to it. You can also add the printer as a ‘second’ printer just to get it recognized and working. If all else fails, then your best bet when your computer says printer is offline, is to roll back the existing printer drivers from device manager. After this, you must reinstall the printer’s software and drivers from the provided CD or from the printer’s website.


This way, if your printer ever stops working due to it being offline or not responding to your windows system commands, then you can try solving it by trying all these methods. If you are unable to get your printer working after attempting these steps, you can always rely on a trusted printer offline support service to get it working again, for you.

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