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How to fix Printer Offline Windows 10 Issue

Printers are one of those important devices that you can’t have malfunctioning on you, in your everyday routine. Apart from your Smartphone and Laptop, a printer is quite essential, in that it allows you to scan and print whatever important document you have to be processed. Whether you are at your office or at home, having your printer offline could turn out to be quite problematic, to say the least. For instance, if you are in the middle of an important session or meeting, then you wouldn’t like to be stuck in a position where you need to print out a report and the computer starts telling you that your printer is offline. Having a printer offline is the least of yours problems, as before you can even get it back online, you would need to first dig deep and find out what’s causing these printer offline Windows 10.

The problem that is causing your printer to go offline, could be due to a varied bunch of reasons. Your printer might not be receiving any power from the wall, or maybe the power cable could be malfunctioning and not letting your printer start up. Or else, it can be a connectivity issue that could be stopping your printer from communicating normally with your computer or laptop. Apart from such hardware issues, the problem could also be of a technical nature with the software you installed on your computer for your printer might have gotten corrupt, and damaged your printer’s drivers on your operating system.

Here’s how you can try and Resolve Printer Offline Windows 10:


  • One basic step towards fixing any and all of your problems with using your printer, is to restart or reboot your printer and your computer. It’s been observed that many of the problems that are causing conflicts and not letting either your computer or your printer to not work, has become fixed by simply restarting them, causing the device to start afresh, reloading all drivers and configuration files. Ensure that you have saved all your work, and have no print orders before doing so, and then try to make it print after having started it, 2 minutes later.


  • If it’s a driver issue that is causing your Printer Offline Windows 10, then one of the main reasons that could be causing this is your operating system. Frequent updates and privacy sweeps can sometimes delete modules that are important for your printer’s drivers to work, and communicate commands between your computer and printer. The way you can go about solving this, is to roll back your current drivers from Windows Device Manager and reinstall or update them. This would let a fresh copy of your printer’s drivers be installed, solving any driver issues altogether.


  • If it’s a technical problem of some sort, that is causing your printer to not receive any power to boot up, or receive commands from your operating system, then that’s something you also can check out and fix by yourself. You can replace the power cable to your printer with a spare one, or change the USB cable that connects your printer and computer system. This can also effectively solve any conflicts that were preventing your printer from booting on and finally show as ‘online’ on your computer.


Therefore, by choosing to follow these steps, you can effectively resolve your printer offline Windows 10. You could then get back to doing your work without having to rely on any other printer than your own’s.

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