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How To Print When Printer Is Offline?

When the printer is offline it basically means that it is disconnected to the computer. If you need to print using a printer that is disconnected, then you need to bring it back online. It can be done by identifying the reasons behind the issue and taking remedial measures.

This is how you fix an offline printer

1) Fixing Faulty Hardware

The printer hardware can become faulty or obsolete over a period of time. This can result in the printer offline issue. You can get the faulty hardware fixed with the help of the technical experts. When the hardware is fixed the printer can come back online.

2) Fixing the Jammed Papers

Jammed papers can make the printer to go offline. You need to unload the jammed papers and reinsert them using the guidelines provided by the instruction manuals. One the issue is resolved the printer can come back online start printing. The support team at the Printer Offline Org can help you to do this. Once this problem is fixed then the printer can start printing smoothly.

3) Updating the Driver

The driver in a printer is the software that allows the printer to print using the different applications. It needs regular updates. These updates can be installed by visiting the manufacturer’s websites. They can also seek help from the technical support team at the Printer Offline Org if they are not able to do it on own.

4) Printer settings

The offline printer can start printing if the user changes the printer settings. You can follow the given steps to do so

 Click the option ‘Start’. It is located on the bottom of the computer screen

 Choose ‘Devices and Printer’

 Choose the ‘Brother printer’ by right clicking it

 At the top of the window, you will locate the ‘printer’ option, click it

 Choose the box that says ‘Use Printer Offline’

 Uncheck it

If you have any dubiety, you can contact the Printer Offline Org for support.

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