A summit with Taiwan has been invited by Vice President Biden.

Taiwan has been invited to a democracy conference in Washington, DC, along with more than 100 other nations. US Vice President Joe Biden extended the invitation.

Message is criticized by China.

China has expressed strong opposition to the United States’ invitation to the Taiwanese government to participate in the so-called “Democracy Summit,” according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian, who also stated that Taiwan is a “indispensable component of Chinese territory”.

Taiwan expresses gratitude for having invited them to the conference. Taiwan

Taiwan can convey its democratic success story through this summit, according to Xavier Chang, the president’s office’s press secretary. “This summit will allow Taiwan to tell its democratic success narrative,” Chang said.

On the 9th and 10th of December, the summit will be hosted online. In the next year, a second gathering will take place at which the leaders will be present in person.

Every time the name “Taiwan” is used in a way that lends the island’s democratically governed government the appearance of international legitimacy, China’s reaction is swift and harsh. According to Chinese claims, the island of Taiwan is a part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). China has said that any attempt to gain Taiwanese independence will be met with defeat.

Although the United States has not formally recognized Taiwan as an independent state, the nation may still be on the list of countries that will be invited to the country. In contrast, neither China nor Russia are included in this grouping.

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