Solar-powered robot ships will plant trees in the ocean to help the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide

The new carbon sequestration technology developed by the startup business Phykos will open the door for a new form of carbon capture.

Seaweed may be cultivated below the surface of the water and then lowered to the seabed with the help of automated boats.

It is now being tested in the Pacific Ocean by a tiny, solar-powered robot ship that is based on the boat’s design.

The boat tows a platform covered with seagrass, which has the carbon dioxide absorption capacity of 250 trees. Every year, the seagrass that grows along the world’s coastlines takes around 173 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Parts of the seagrass then drop to the seafloor, where the coal is trapped by the seagrass. This is the method that Phykos is attempting to replicate.

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