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What Is Google Cloud Print & Printer?

Google Cloud Print is a service by Google that allows the users to print the documents using the devices linked to the Cloud. These devices should have the Cloud-Print-aware application installed and running for printing the documents. One device such as a desktop acts as a host and allows the other devices to print.

This what you need for the Google Cloud printer to work

1) You need a printer that can print using the USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. If the printer only prints using a server or a PC it cannot use the Google Cloud Print service.

2) The Google cloud print receives the printing requests from the devices such as Smartphones, Tabs, laptops, and desktops, and send it to the printer that qualifies for the Cloud printing.

3) When the printer is not able to process the printing request directly, you can connect it to a computer that can do so. The computer, in that case, can process the printing services from different devices and send it to the printer. This is how the Google Cloud Printer works.

It is a very technologically advanced way of printing out the documents as the users do not need to transfer the soft copy of the document to a device connected to the printer. They can print using the different devices without any hassle.

The users can face a few problems while using this service such as the Google Cloud printer offline. There can be many reasons behind this issue. Firstly, you need to register the host device for the Google account. Once it is registered it needs to remain on while you print documents using the other devices.

If the users feel any difficulty to deal with the Cloud printer offline issue, they can always seek the Google Cloud printer offline support.

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