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Why Brother Wireless Printer Is Offline?

There can be many reasons why the Brother Printer offline problem can occur. If you have been such an issue you can try fixing this on own or can seek the professional help for the purpose. In order to fix the problem without any outside interference, you need to identify the reasons behind the problem.

These are some common reasons why the wireless Brother printer is offline

1) Internet and Connectivity

Make sure that the USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that you are using to connect the wireless Brother printer is properly connected. If there is a connection interruption or USB connectivity issue the Brother printer can go offline. You can unplug and plug in the USB again in order to fix it. You can also reboot the system and try fixing the internet connection interruption.

2) Printer Driver

The glitches in the driver can prohibit the printer from printing. You need to make sure that driver is up to date. The updates can be installed by visiting the manufacturer’s website. If this not working, then uninstall the driver and reinstall it. This shall work. If you have any difficulty following any of these then seek the help of the Brother Printer offline support.

3) Printer settings

The settings of your printer can also be responsible for the offline problems. Make sure that the wireless Brother printer you want to use for printing is the default printer for the PC or any other device it is connected to. You can change the settings in the following manner.

 Click the option ‘Start’.

 Choose the ‘Devices and Printer’ option

 Choose the ‘Brother wireless printer’ by right clicking it

 Choose the box saying ‘Use Printer Offline’

 Uncheck it

You can also seek comprehensive wireless Brother Printer support at the Printer Offline Org.

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