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Why Does My Brother Printer Keep Going Offline?

If you have been dealing with this problem of Brother Printer going offline recurrently then you need to understand the few reasons behind this issue. Identifying the reasons can help you to tackle the issue more effectively.

The common reasons behind the Brother Printer Offline issue are:

1) Obsolete Driver

The printer driver is software that allows the printer to print using the different applications. This driver needs regular upgrades in order to work effectively. Your Brother printer can become offline if these updates are not installed when needed. The user can visit the website of the manufacturer and install the latest driver. If you are not able to this on own then seek the help of the Brother printer support team.

2) Cables and Connection

The disconnected cables and wires can be common reasons why the Brother printer is offline. When the USB is not connected to the printer in the correct manner then the printer can go offline. The user needs to make sure that there is no loose wiring or USB disconnection. If the user is printing via wireless printer then the network interruption can lead to printer offline issue. Make sure that router is working properly. You can also reboot the system to fix the USB or internet connection problem.

3) Printer Settings

The Bother printer settings can make the printer to go offline. Check the settings and change them accordingly. This is how you can do this

 Click the option ‘Start’. It is located on the bottom of the computer screen

 Choose ‘Devices and Printer’

 Choose the ‘Brother printer’ by right clicking it

 At the top of the window, you will locate the ‘printer’ option, click it

 Choose the box that says ‘Use Printer Offline’

 Uncheck it

This should bring the Brother printer back online and it will start printing.

At any point in time if you face difficulty then you can contact the Brother Printer support team for assistance.

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