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Question: Why does my computer say my printer is Offline?

Computer indicating that the printer is offline is a common issue. Most people dread this recurrent problem when they need to print out some urgent papers. If the printer is offline then there can be a few common reasons behind this problem. These reasons vary from being technical to basic. The resolution for this problem depends on the reasons behind it.

Here are some common reasons why your computer says that your printer is offline.

1) Connectivity

If your printer says offline then make sure that all the cables and USBs are properly connected to the computer. Printer offline is a disconnection problem and arises when the wires and USB are not correctly connected. The computer fails to read the signal and start displaying a notification that the printer is offline. The connectivity issue can also arise due to poor internet connection. If the printer is wireless then an interrupted connection can make it go offline. In order to solve this problem, the customer can reboot the system. Rebooting kick starts the system and fixes the minor glitches. The problem of the printer offline can be solved by doing this. If the customers need any help they can seek the help of the printer offline support team.

2) Jammed Papers

The printer can also go offline of there are jammed papers in the tray. Most printers come with instruction manuals to overcome this problem. You can unload the tray and reinsert the papers in a correct manner. Reconnect the printer and start printing.

3) Printer Settings

At times the printer settings cause this issue. The user can change the printer settings and fix the issue. To change the settings visit the ‘Manage printers’ section. You can sign into an account that has these rights. You can also use a local administrator account for this purpose. Go to ‘printer and devices’ and click ‘whats printing’. The print spooler window will open up. Check the ‘Use printer offline’ mark. The printer should come back online.

4) Hardware Faults

Sometimes there are hardware technical problems which you cannot fix on your own and might need printer support. The faulty hardware needs to be fixed by the hands of a proficient technician.

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