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Why Does My HP Printer Keep Going Offline?

HP might be a recognizable brand in the IT demesne but the HP printer suffers from the common issue just like other printers. If the question why your HP printer keeps going offline is bothering you then you may find the answer in the following text.

These are some common reasons why the printer can go offline

1) Cable disconnection

The cables connecting the printer and the computer can be loose or disconnected. The USB disconnection can also lead to the HP printer offline problem. The users can unplug the USB and plug it again in order to reconnect the printer. If the printer is wireless then check the network connection, if it is interrupted or broken then the printer can go offline. The user can restart the router and reboot the system to resolve this problem.

2) Paper Jamming

When the HP printer is offline, just make sure that you have not been jamming papers into it. When the papers are not fed into the tray properly, the printer can be jammed and disconnected to the computer. The disconnection can make the HP printer to go offline. The users can take guidance from the manuals and fix this problem. The manuals provide a guideline to unload the jammed papers and fix the Hp printer offline problem.

3) Obsolete Driver

Sometimes the printer driver can become obsolete or outdated and cause the HP printer offline issue. The regular upgrades can be installed by visiting the manufacturer's website. Make sure that your driver is up to date so that the HP printer offline problem does not occur.

4) Printer Settings

If your HP printer is offline then make sure that the printer settings are not making it behave in this manner. The user can change the printer settings by visiting the ‘printers and devices’ options. If they need any help they can reach out to the support team.

The users can get the entire HP printer offline support by contacting the HP printer offline support. They can reach the officials by using the helpline number available here.

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