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Why My Canon Printer Is Offline?

Canon is a recognizable brand but still, Canon printer offline is a prevalent issue that bothers the users. There are many reasons why this issue happens. If you have been facing this issue then identify the reason behind this and take corrective measures accordingly.

TThe common reasons behind this problem:

1) Printer Settings

If the printer settings are not set correctly then the HP printer can go offline. You can change these settings in the following manner

 Click on the start menu and choose the ‘Printers and Faxes’ option.

 This will show you the printers connected to your computer

 Choose the Canon printer which you want it to be online

 A Pop-up window will be opened and it will show the option Use printer offline’. Uncheck this box.

This should bring back the printer online if settings were the only reason behind this.

2) Paper Feeding

If you improperly paper-feed printer it can be jammed and stop printing. The HP printers have a light interior to avoid this issue. You can also use the instruction manual to resolve this problem. The manual contains the guidelines that allow the users to unload the papers and bring the printer back online.

3) Cables and Connections

If the Canon printer is offline, check for the cables and loose wiring. If there is a USB connectivity issue, then unplug and plug in the USB into the computer. Try rebooting the system. It shall fix the minor glitches and fix the HP printer back online. If you are using a wireless printer then check the network connection. An interrupted internet connection can disconnect the HP printer to the computer. Reset the router and check again for the notification. Make sure all the wires are correctly connected to the computer.

The users can also seek the help of the HP printer support if they are not able to fix this issue on their own.

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